DULUTH, Ga. — A Gwinnett County man who tried to play the victim of a crime after allegedly committing a crime of his own is in jail, after police caught him in the lie.

According to the Duluth Police Department, Juan Ramirez showed up to the Gwinnett Medical Center Christmas Eve with several deep cuts on his arms. When hospital staff asked him how he got hurt, Ramirez allegedly told them he was attacked by two black men somewhere along Buford Highway.

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Because the assault would have been considered a crime, staff contacted police to investigate, but Ramirez's story quickly unraveled from there.

According to police, while officers were investigating Ramirez's alleged attack, other officers were investigating a robbery at a local church. A police narrative says the church's pastor got to the building to prepare for Sunday service, only to find blood in the hallway and an electric piano missing. The pastor also found a busted window along the side of the building.

When police got there, they found blood in several rooms of the church, a cigarette butt on the carpet, a DVD player that was "torn apart," water running in the bathroom sink and more. Officers followed the trail of blood throughout several rooms of the church, eventually coming to a room where the robber tried to take a flat screen TV from off the wall.

Police said the TV's screen was cracked and shattered. Drywall from the ceiling had also been damaged and was falling to the floor.

Officers were able to look at security footage from the curch, where they saw a man matching Ramirez's description, wearing the same clothes, smoking a cigarette, appearing to break into the church. Video showed him walking up to the alter, then back to another room. Moments later, the man walked out with an electric piano.

Based on the evidence, police arrested Ramirez at the hospital and took him to Gwinnett County jail. He was charged with burglary to a dwelling, criminal damage to property and false report of a crime.