ATLANTA — The Marriott Hotel in Buckhead is the latest victim of valet theft in the area, after Atlanta Police reported that a man stole several keys and two cars.

Police arrived at the hotel around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 9 and talked to the valet manager, who said that six keys were stolen from the key box and two cars were missing from the parking garage.

The manager told police he noticed a black Jeep Grand Cherokee driving suspiciously through the property. Officers reviewed surveillance footage and saw a black male wearing a red hoodie, red shoes and blue jeans hop out of the passenger side of the Jeep. He was seen on surveillance video prying open the valet key box with a screw driver and grabbing the keys.

According to police, the suspects stole two cars from the hotel’s parking garage, which were later recovered. Investigators also learned that the Jeep used to execute the crime was reported stolen out of East Point. At least one of the cars was recovered but there was no one nearby, police said.

Detectives dusted the key box for fingerprints, but no arrests have been made. The case is still under investigation.


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