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'They're just angels' | Daughter of only survivor of Midtown shooting praises Atlanta Medical staff, worries about the future

Alison Page says despite news that the hospital is shutting down, the level of care her father is receiving hasn't changed a bit.

ATLANTA — Michael Horne's family dealt with two shocking events in two weeks. 

First, his daughter, Alison Page, learned Horne was one of the victims shot in Atlanta's midtown. Then, she learned the hospital dedicated to taking care of him is about to close.

Page was leaving from a hospital visit on Tuesday and stopped to talk to 11Alive's Hope Ford.

“Just an amazing, amazing dad, husband, coworker and friend. He’s truly just an unbelievable person," she said of her dad.

Horne is the only survivor of the midtown shooting spree, where Raissa Kengne allegedly shot him and killed two others.

Page didn’t want to talk a lot about that day or her father’s condition, only saying he’s still in the ICU, is unaware of many details of what's happened and he should be the one to tell his side.

“He is not awake right now," said Page. "He deserves that, to be able to tell his story.”

Part of his story is the very hospital he was taken to the day he was shot, one bullet puncturing his intestines.

“He wouldn’t have made it, he would have bled out," she said.

That hospital, Atlanta Medical Center, is now set to close down by the owner, Wellstar. While dealing with the daily hopes her father’s recovery goes smoothly, Page and her mother continue to deal with the daily angst of what’s next.

“Everybody’s family member deserves to have their family member taken care of, so to see this hospital possibly going away, it scares people for the future,” she said.

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The staff, dealing with having to find new jobs, are still committed to serving their patients.

“The staff is unreal, I mean they’re just angels honestly. That hasn’t affected the level of care that he’s gotten. They have been absolutely phenomenal,” Page said.

Page added she would hope hospital executives could understand what the hospital means to the city of Atlanta because her father’s story is one of many and any day can bring the same chaos, anxiety, and unforgettable tragedy.

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“What’s gonna happen with trauma patients that desperately need that help?” Page asked. “Two weeks ago it was my dad, tomorrow the next day it could be anybody’s family member. You just never know when this type of event will happen.”

Page isn’t sure if her father will still be in the hospital on Nov. 1, the day the hospital is set to close.

She said if he is, the hospital plans to transfer her father to Kennestone Hospital.


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