DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A neighborhood is on edge and taking security into its own hands after a string of break-ins.

"It's a mixture of new and old," one local said. "There are a lot of new families moving in here."

He said it's peaceful - one of the man reasons he moved into the Meadowbrook Acres neighborhood in DeKalb County. But, in the year since then, he said it's been a complete nightmare.

"It wasn't more than a couple of months after I moved in when the first break-in occurred," he said.

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His home has been broken into twice since then with the latest one happening a couple of nights ago.

"They took some electronics, some speakers," he said. "They took a big flat screen TV right off the wall."

He said he's had about $3,000 worth of items swiped from the home.

"You don't feel safe, but all the times this has happened, I thankfully haven't been at the home," he said.

After the second break-in in January, he caught the guys on his surveillance camera throwing a brick through his patio door.

And he's not the only one dealing with the problem.

"I've had things stolen out of my garage," a woman who lives nearby said.

She fears what will happen next and, like the first victim, didn't want her name used in this report.

"All of us need to step up our game for certain," she said. "I'm getting cameras."

The first victim added that they just have to stay vigilant.

"Because we are not getting the response that we would want from the DeKalb Police Department," he said.

He said people are now coming together and chipping in to pay for security to help keep an eye on things.

11Alive has contacted DeKalb police about the most recent rash of break-ins and is awaiting a response.