DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. — A husband shot and killed his wife outside a Dawson County fire station while their children were in the car last month, police said. 

On July 29, police said they believe Amy Gibson went to the fire station to seek safety from her husband, Jeremy Wade Gibson. He followed and shot her in the parking lot.

Gibson had a probable cause hearing Wednesday where Jeff Moore, an investigator with the Dawson County Sheriff's Office, testified. Moore said he had encounters with Gibson previously and that calls to police were made within hours of the deadly shooting. 

"I know I've met with him face-to-face twice," Moore said. 

He said there was a call to the sheriff's office the day of where Jeremy spoke with a patrol supervisor. He also said there were other calls the week of, which mainly involved child custody disputes. Moore said these were calls made by both Amy and Jeremy Gibson. 

11Alive obtained the 911 call log to the couple's home off Dawson Manor Drive and found 10 calls within two months of the shooting (below). In eight of those calls, a deputy responded to the home.

Jeremy Wade Gibson
Jeremy Wade Gibson appears in court on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

May 29: Domestic dispute

May 30: Request to meet with Deputy

June 10: Temporary Protective Order Violation

June 14: Welfare Check Request

July 4: Civil Matter

July 8: Keep the Peace

July 14: Welfare Check Request

July 15: Request to meet with Deputy

July 23: Follow up request

July 24: Welfare Check

July 29: Unknown

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