DOUGLASVILLE, Ga – A Douglas County jailer was arrested Monday on three charges that he sexually assaulted several inmates in custody.

Carmel Biggers Jr. may also be facing more charges in the future, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. All of the charges are felonies.

Biggers was working as a jailer for the department when he assaulted three inmates, police said. The inmates’ names are being withheld.

Biggers, 39, of Hiram, Ga., has worked as a jailer for the office since December 2016.

Bond was set for $75,000 and Biggers has been fired from his job.

IMAGES: Carmel Biggers Jr.

“This type of conduct by any person associated with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is completely unacceptable and is an embarrassment to the department as well as the many exceptional men and woman that proudly wear this badge,” said Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds. “This conduct will not be tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately”