Dozens of ‘dangerous’ gang members were arrested Friday morning as part of a major law enforcement operation in metro Atlanta. 

The operation was led by Cobb County Police Department and involved several agencies including the FBI, Marietta Police and Clayton County Police Departments. 

Two separate groups were arrested after a nine to ten month investigation stemming from murders that happened in Cobb County, District Attorney Vic Reynolds said.

“Law enforcement today has managed to take a number of violent gang members off the streets,” he said at a Friday afternoon press conference.

Ten members of the APE gang, a subset of the Bloods gang, were arrested and 20 members of the Bounty Hunters gang, also a subset of the bloods gang, were arrested.

This came after two large indictments were handed down in a Cobb County court. 

Reynolds said, "if you come here and if you commit gang-related criminal activity, you will be investigated, you will be arrested, and you will be indicted.” 

Clayton Co. Police said two of fugitives arrested were a part of a gang called “4 Line County Hunter Bloods” in that county. They described the group as violent. 

No officers were injured in the operation, according to Clayton County Police.

Cobb Police Chief Mike Register said they conducted the operation at 5 a.m. so that fewer innocent people would be awake and around.

“What we did has made, not only Cobb County, but other metro districts in the area, safer area to live in,” Register said. 


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