11Alive has learned new details in a brazen attack in the parking lot of a DeKalb County Sam's Club.

Two men are in custody but a third suspect is still on the loose. The victim fought the armed robbers and escaped with a broken foot. He spoke exclusively with 11Alive about why he believes fighting back saved his life.

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Since Chamblee police are still looking for the third suspect in this case, the victim doesn't want us to show his face on camera. He believes he was targeted but he doesn't know why.

"I was lucky and the people around was lucky because this is a public area," he said.

With time, his broken foot will heal. Now the victim this attempted robbery in a Sam's Club parking lot off of Clairmont Road hopes another arrest will be made soon.

"He was following me. He was pointing to me - pointing to me for these people who attacked me," the victim said.

He said he recognized the face of the man who pointed at him right before the attack but doesn't know the man's full name or where he is from. Police reports detail two men walking up to and aiming a gun at him and then demanding his car keys.

The victim handed over the keys and then the robbers told him to get in the car with them which is when he grabbed the gun.

"I was looking for chance after chance then I fight back," he said. "He opened the fire but thank God the bullet don't reach me. And I think he got shot."

The men ran off, leaving behind the victim and the gun. A short time later, police patrolling the area found the suspects in a stairwell of the Encore at Clairmont Apartments. The complex is located across the street from Sam's Club.

An officer arrested Patrick Gegenheimer and Arsalan Khan. One of Khan's hands was bleeding after apparently being shot during the struggle with the victim.

Now needing crutches to walk, the victim said he doesn't regret fighting back.

"I know it is a public area," he said. "When I fight back, I might going to get help," he said.

He also knew being taken hostage wasn't an option.

"When they asked for the key, I give them the car key," he said. "I thought they were going to leave me alone. But when they say you're going to come with us, I choose to fight back."

The victim told 11Alive that the man who pointed at him ran off after the attack and hasn't been arrested. The two arrested men remain in DeKalb County Jail on charges of armed robbery.