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Family marches in southwest Atlanta to protest death of teen shot and killed by Cobb Police

The teen was shot and killed by a Cobb County Police officer at the end of a chase of a stolen car he wasn't driving in July 2020.

ATLANTA — Tonight a family is grieving, crying out for authorities to change their minds and prosecute the Cobb County police officer who shot and killed their son.

They are angry the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing a year ago. 17-year-old Vincent Truitt was killed by police in July of 2020. Officers said the teen was armed as he fled from a stolen car.

Vincent’s parents and grandmother marched for hours Saturday, hoping people won't forget about him. They finished by Vincent’s home near Mozley Park in southwest Atlanta after marching for the better part of three hours.

The case has been in-and-out of the public eye for nearly two years, but Vincent’s parents, grandmother and classmates said they still live with his death every day.

They said they are in anguish, working to keep holding the officer accountable despite the official findings clearing the officer a year ago.

A small crowd of about 16 people marched and chanted with, what they believe, is an important message.

They said the video showing Vincent fleeing from a stolen car — possibly with a gun — and seconds later shot twice in the back while running away from the officer is not all of the evidence. They’re hoping someone will listen and re-open the case.

Andrae Truitt, Vincent's father, said he will "never stop fighting" until the day he dies. He believes, eventually, the officer will be "held accountable."

“The only thing that keeps me pushing is love for my son,” Andrae said.

In January, the parents filed a $150 million federal civil rights lawsuit against Cobb County and the officer in efforts to hold them accountable civilly if not criminally.


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