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Family says father wanted for murder should turn himself in after allegedly killing estranged wife

Her son says she was holding his newborn child when she was shot to death.

TUCKER, Ga. — DeKalb County Police say Salomon Ramos is wanted for murder, after allegedly shooting and killing his estranged wife, and mother of their six children, 45-year-old Angeles Santos. 

This happened Sunday afternoon in Tucker in a home off of Brantford Drive. His children, including 25-year-old Uriel Ramos, are pleading he turn himself in.

Credit: Provided.
Salomon Ramos

“It’s the worst thing that could happen to me – and we just need help," Uriel told 11Alive. “She was such a good person. She didn’t deserve this. He’s a coward and he needs to pay for what he did to my mom. He needs to get caught.” 

He explained he stepped out of the house Sunday afternoon to sell some food that his mother had cooked. The family kicked Salomon out of the home three weeks ago, so Uriel said they needed the extra money to make ends meet. 

However, his errand was cut short, when his brother, who is handicapped and was inside the home during the time of the shooting, called him.

"Twenty minutes after I left I get a text form my brother and he’s saying, 'Hey come back to the house please.' Then he says, 'I'm on the phone with the cops,' and I knew something was wrong," Uriel recalled.

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He rushed back to the home where he lives with his two younger siblings, his mother, and newborn baby, to find police officers all around.

“My baby was in her hands when he shot her," Uriel said. "He has a bruise right here from when he fell. My brother was downstairs – two bullets came through the ceiling hitting his desk right next to him. My brother is handicapped, he couldn’t move, he heard everything that went down. So, he’s traumatized all the way.”

Since Sunday, it's been a whirlwind of emotion for the family; they are sad after losing their mother, but also terrified because their own father is still on the run and could be armed and dangerous.

Credit: Provided.
Angeles Santos

Since the incident, they have stayed at another home for their own safety, begging people for help.

"He would always fight with my mom – this has been 30 years in the making. He was an abusive dad, he’s never been a good person to us, he always tried to put us down, especially to my mom," Uriel said.

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The six children, while heartbroken, are committed to finding their own father, and turning him in.

Uriel said Ramos was abusive and the family told him to leave their home permanently three weeks ago.

Police said he also accused his wife of having another man over at the home before the shooting.

“She believed in my dad," Uriel said. "Even though she lived like that, somehow she managed to think about him and consider him and at the end of the day, he paid her by killing her… shooting her unarmed.” 

The family has set up a fundraiser to help them move out of the home where it happened and give Angeles a proper burial.

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