FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. (WXIA) – Someone took down a homeowner's gay pride flag and lit it on fire on top of the person's car.

On Friday, after the US Supreme Court's historic decision on gay marriage, a Forsyth County homeowner did what many others did – they put out a gay pride flag.

It was up through the weekend, but sometime late Monday night, someone forcefully took it down to send a message.

The flag was placed on top of the homeowner's car, dowsed in fuel from a Tiki torch and set on fire.

We are not identifying the homeowner because they said they fear for their family's safety.

Aside from the flag, the suspect also damaged a flower bed and a peach tree in the homeowner's front yard. The homeowners were at home at the time, but no one was hurt.

Forsyth County deputies said they do not recall any other hate crimes like this.

"That's why we take this so seriously, and why we're using all our resources to track down the people who committed this crime," said Forsyth County Deputy Epifanio Rodriguez.

At this point, investigators said they do not have a suspect description to release. They said they estimate damages to the homeowner's property to be about $1,600.