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Here's what you think should be done to decrease violent crime in Atlanta | 11Alive Poll

An exclusive 11Alive Survey USA poll focuses on crime in metro Atlanta and solutions.

ATLANTA — Metro Atlanta crime has been on the top of residents' minds as police and city officials look for solutions to the problem.

An exclusive 11Alive Survey USA poll focuses on possible ways to curb crime. 

Below are the results. 

1.Are you registered to vote in the state of Georgia? 

81% Yes

16% No

2% Not Sure

2.  Which of these locations is the biggest area of concern with crime in Atlanta? Gas stations? Buckhead? Clubs and lounges? Shopping centers? Neighborhoods? Or something else? 

18% Gas Stations

19% Buckhead

13% Clubs And Lounges

12% Shopping Centers

29% Neighborhoods

2% Other

7% Not Sure

3. Which of the following do you think would do the most to decrease violent crime in Atlanta? More community centers and mentorship programs? More police and higher pay for police officers? Better police training? New police leadership? New elected leadership? Or something else? 

23% Community Centers / Mentorship Programs

28% More Police / Higher Pay

19% Better Police Training

10% New Police Leadership

11% New Elected Leadership

5% Other

5% Not Sure

4. Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose proposals to move some money currently going to police budgets into better officer training, local programs for homelessness, mental health assistance, and domestic violence?

50% Strongly Support

27% Somewhat Support

8% Somewhat Oppose

7% Strongly Oppose

9% Not Sure

5. Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose proposals to defund police departments?

20% Strongly Support

22% Somewhat Support

15% Somewhat Oppose

28% Strongly Oppose

15% Not Sure

6. Is the understaffing of the Atlanta Police Department a major reason for the amount of crime in Atlanta? A minor reason? Or not a reason at all? 

47% Major Reason

29% Minor Reason

11% Not a Reason

12% Not Sure

7. Are you shopping in Atlanta malls less often than you used to specifically because of violent crimes and shootings taking place at malls? Or not? 

50% Shopping Less In Malls

39% Not Shopping Less

12% Not Sure

8. Have you or anyone in your household been the victim of a violent crime in the past two years? 

19% Yes

77% No

5% Not Sure

9. If you didn't live in Atlanta and were looking to move to the area, would you still consider moving into the city of Atlanta? Or not? 

57% Would Still Consider Moving

26% Would Not

17% Not Sure

10. Should the Buckhead area of Atlanta remain part of the city of Atlanta? Or should Buckhead become a separate city? 

70% Remain Part Of Atlanta

19% Become a Separate City

11% Not Sure

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