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'How do you forget someone chasing you down with a gun?': Family of teen shot in Arizona shares her story

"She said she crawled with her broken leg and crawled behind a tree because he was trying to shoot her again."

GLENDALE, Ariz. — It’s been less than 48 hours since police say a man came to the Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale shooting an AR-15, and people are already back out and about at the stores and restaurants.

But for one family, they're still stuck in the moment of the shooting.

"He pretty much shattered her whole leg. She lost both bones and couldn’t get up."

12 News talked with a woman who didn't want to use her name but said she is 16-year-old Destiny's mother. 

Destiny is one of three people Glendale Police say was shot by 20-year-old Armando JR Hernandez Wednesday night at Westgate.

"The shooter continued to follow her, and she said she crawled with her broken leg and crawled behind a tree," Destiny's mother says. "Because he was trying to shoot her again."

Her mother says she and her close friend were just waiting for a ride home from Johnny Rockets when they were both struck. Destiny called her mother screaming until they lost contact and strangers stepped in to help.

"One man came and cradled her head in his lap and she said she’s thankful to him because he was there for her," her mother tearfully tells.

As of Friday afternoon, Destiny is stable. Her family says she'll need surgery.

"She goes 'Mom. You always told me that when you’re somewhere in a mall or something and you see somebody start shooting, you said to just lay down and play dead. You can’t do that.  You have to run.  You have to run for your life.'"

And even in the hospital, Destiny can’t escape the scene from Westgate.

"She’s very traumatized. She’s locked all the windows. She doesn’t want anyone to open those curtains. She’s afraid somebody is going to chase her down."

As for the friend she was with, he was struck in the chest. Police say he's in the ICU.

Destiny’s mother says they grew up together and hopes they’ll have each other to lean on as they take recovery day by day.

"She’s very strong.  She's going to have to be stronger to make it through this.  How do you forget someone chasing you down with a gun?"

Destiny's family as well as her friend's family set up Gofundme pages. You can find the Gofundme for Destiny here and for Alfredo here.  

She was one of three innocent victims of at the Westgate. Shooting. She had been stuck in the house. Her friend wanted to buy some clothes and she wanted to go shopping with him at Westgate since the malls were open again. They wore their mask and maintained social distance.

As for the third person shot, a friend tells us she is at home recovering after being shot in the knee.