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Warrant issued for second suspect following Kennesaw golf course killing

Pinetree Country Club golf pro and director Gene Siller, as well as two others, were killed in July. Now, a second suspect is facing a warrant in the case.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A warrant for the arrest of Justin Caleb Pruitt has been issued in relation to a Cobb County murder case from summer 2021. The suspect is now facing two kidnapping offenses.

The Magistrate Court of Cobb County issued an arrest warrant on Dec. 15, shedding new light on a Cobb County case from July. Pruitt is accused of kidnaping Paul Pierson and Henry Valdez on July 3, where he allegedly held both victims against their wills, binding them with duct tape and zip ties before transporting them to the Pinetree County Club in Kennesaw.

Suspect Bryan Rhoden was initially indicted in July for the alleged killing of Paul Pierson, Henry Valdez and Pinetree Country Club golf pro and director Gene Siller. Police said that the PGA golfer was not targeted in the attack, but was shot because he witnessed a crime taking place. Pierson and Valdez were found in the bed of a truck at the country club, while Siller was found dead near the 10th hole.

The circumstances of Pierson and Valdez's killing remained unclear for months. However, Pruitt's warrant has now shed new light on the case.

Pierson and Valdez were allegedly shot by co-conspirator Bryan Rhoden once Rhoden and Pruitt arrived at the country club, the warrant states. Rhoden has been indicted on 15 charges, including multiple malice murder and felony murder counts.

The warrant for Rhoden revealed that the Dodge Ram 3500 truck used to transport Pierson and Valdez was owned by Pierson and had Kansas plates. Valdez came to Georgia on business concerning his marijuana delivery service Hope For Humanity, a friend of Valdez told 11Alive. Valdez's friend also claimed that the victim knew Rhoden.

While Rhoden was arrested days after the incident, it is still unclear when a trial for Rhoden might begin. Police are now searching for Justin Caleb Pruitt.

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