LOGANVILLE, Ga. - Authorities in Walton County have charged Derick Murphy for an attack by his three pit bulls on a 9-year-old child and a woman in Loganville last week.

Police said the dogs escaped his fenced yard on Big Game Way in Loganville, and while they roamed the neighborhood, they attacked the 9-year-old and a woman who tried to fend them away from the child.

Murphy told police he saw the dogs attacking the woman and the child. He was able to call them off and place them in his garage.

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The child was bitten on his face, head, neck, and was airlifted to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston. The woman had lacerations on her face and was bitten on her right shoulder.

After surrendering the dogs to Walton County animal control officials, Murphy said, "I would love to get them back if I could."

At the time of the attack, Murphy had claimed that the dogs had never escaped from their pen before and that they had never attacked anyone previously.

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"The three dogs are presently being held in quarantine at Animal Control and will be euthanized following the ten-day rabies observation period," said Walton County Animal Control Director Bill Wise.

Murphy was charged with three counts each of having an animal at large, having a dog with no rabies vaccination and public nuisance. In addition, Murphy was charged by Loganville Police with two counts of reckless conduct.