Police have arrested a man accused of trying to rape a Georgia Tech student in her apartment early Friday morning.

According to police, a student reported that a man followed her into her building at Square on Fifth Apartments around 1:20 a.m. He then allegedly followed the woman into the elevator and forced his way into her apartment.

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Once inside, the woman said the man began to forcibly remove her clothing.

The student's roommate and her roommate's boyfriend were inside of the apartment, heard the struggle and came to her aid.

The suspect fled from the building but not before being seen on surveillance video.

A student tip led police to the suspect, 22-year-old Joshua Manns early Friday. He's charged with criminal attempt to commit rape and burglary. He was taken into custody by Atlanta Police because his apartment is off-campus.

According to arrest records, Mann has been arrested for sexual battery and stalking in the past several months. He was released on those charges less than 48 hours before Friday's incident.

The victim was examined by EMS who responded to the scene and released with no reports of injuries.