A man who was deported from Athens in 2014 after serving a prison sentence for methamphetamine was sentenced to 24 months in prison for re-entering the United States unlawfully.

Dionicio Garcia Aguirre, of Mexico, was sentenced in an Athens federal courtroom on Wednesday. He will be deported to Mexico for a second time after serving his sentence.

Aguirre was first convicted of possession of over 500 grams of methamphetamine with intent to distribute in March 2010. He was deported to Mexico in 2014 after serving his prison sentence.

In Nov. 2017, U.S. Probation officials filed a petition to revoke his supervised release after learning he was back in Georgia and living in Franklin County. Aguirre was arrested for a traffic offense in Feb. 2018 and taken into federal custody.

“The convicted felon was deported by the government after serving a sentence for distributing a large quantity of illegal meth in our state, and then completely ignored the clear direction of the United States to never cross illegally into our country again,” said Charles “Charlie” Peeler, the U.S. District Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia. “The illegal re-entry of criminals into our country is a serious offense, and we will continue to protect our citizens by enforcing the law."