ATHENS, Ga. -- Early Saturday morning, Athens-Clarke County Police officers responded to a home in the 400 block of Meadow Lane in response to an aggravated assault call.

When they arrived, officers found three victims -- two male victims with stab wounds -- one to the face, a second with a wound to the back. The third victim was a female with a puncture wound in her lower right abdomen area.

Investigators said 21-year-old Adam Scott Presley was under the influence and began attacking the victims with a knife, and had fled before officers arrived.

While officers were still investigating the Meadow Lane location, they received an indecent exposure call from a Walmart store on Lexington Road in Athens.

When officers arrived at the Walmart, they found a nude white male inside the store. Officers said it appeared the suspect was under the influence, and had blood on him. They were able to identify him as Presley.

Officers gave Presley verbal commands to stop walking, but he did not stop. They deployed their Tasers against Presley, but Presley continued to walk through the tasing.

The officers on the scene were able to get physical control of Presley and take him into custody.

EMS crews were called to assess Presley's condition. It was found that he had shattered a car window before entering the Walmart store -- which is where his cut hand come from.

While EMS personnel were examining Presley, he told them he was under the influence of LSD, and admitted he had stabbed several people, saying, "There is nothing wrong with that."

Police said one of the stabbing victims sustained serious injuries, and was admitted to intensive care. The condition of the other victims was not immediately available.

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