MARIETTA, Ga. — A suspect who escaped police in Marietta on Thursday ended up being caught in Atlanta trying to hide behind a disguise.

Marietta Police confirm that a SWAT team was called to assist in apprehending a man who barricaded himself inside an apartment building off Windy Hill Road on Thursday.

Police said the situation began around 5:23 a.m. when Atlanta Police notified Marietta authorities that they had tracked 27-year-old Maliek Dandridge to The Park on Windy Hill apartment complex. 

Police said Dandridge, who had outstanding warrants for aggravated battery, crawled into an attic space above an apartment in the 2300 building while police were in the process of apprehending him.

Marietta PIO Officer Chuck McPhilamy said they did find firearms inside of the apartment, but it is unclear if he brought weapons with him inside of the attic. At some point, police said Dandridge broke through the ceiling of another occupants apartment and then tore through interior walls to exit the building through a different apartment.

McPhilamy said they sent tear gas into the apartment. 

Police also searched spent four hours going door to door while also establishing a perimeter around the building. At around 11:47 a.m., they determined that Dandridge was no longer in the building.

In all, police and SWAT unit members were on the scene for nearly seven hours.

But it was a tip that came shortly after they cleared the Marietta apartments that led them to Dandridge. They learned that he was in the 1700 block of Defoor Place in Northwest Atlanta. Investigators arrived to find him inside a vehicle and allegedly wearing a fake beard. 

Upon his capture, police recovered a handgun from the vehicle. He was taken into custody without incident.