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Midtown residents meet with Atlanta officials to discuss the uptick in crime

Police Chief Shields said overall crime has been down in the city, but they still have work to do.

ATLANTA — Midtown Atlanta neighbors brought several agencies together to demand answers and solutions to the uptick in crime they say is happening in their backyard. 

Atlanta's Police Chief Erika Shields, alongside other city leaders, was in attendance, and residents said it was a town hall that allowed them to have one-on-one conversations with different agencies. 

The Midtown Neighbors Association put the event together to voice their concerns regarding break-ins, sex worker activity, and trespassing. 

Officials admitted the crime has been an issue in Midtown for decades, but said lately the problem has been particularly noticeable. 

Shields said overall crime has been down in the city, but they still have work to do when it comes to facing repeat offenders.

"I will say to you we can always improve. The Atlanta Police Department, we have to improve. We're not satisfied with this. This is not...I'm not happy," Shields stated firmly. 

Shields also said that officer pay raises have made a difference when it comes to crime. 

They are also hoping to put more officers and resources into this area. 



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