Two people were found shot to death inside a Lawrenceville home on Saturday afternoon, the apparent victims of domestic violence.

While police have not released the names of the victims, Susan Gonzalez told 11Alive that it was her mother and brother who were found dead inside.

On Saturday morning, Gonzalez was trying to get in touch with her mother but no one would pick up at the house. Fearing for the worst, Gonzalez her husband to the Bishop’s Lane residence.

When he arrived, he found Susan’s mother and brother both dead. That's when her husband called 911.

Gonzalez said her brother had substance abuse issues.

“Drugs, alcohol,” she said. “He’d have his Social Security money gone by the 12th or 13th and she’d be giving him money, every day. He wouldn’t stop.”

Gonzalez said her mother “was friendly to everybody; she used to do a lot with people. But lately, she’s been battling with my brother constantly. It was just constant fighting.”

Police said there has been a history of domestic-related calls to the residence.

Animal control officials also took possession of several dogs inside the Bishops Lane home.

“I’m numb to him,” Gonzalez said. “He’s done enough to our family. And now he’s done this.”

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