MARIETTA, Ga. — Police are investigating a terroristic threat made to the Cobb County NAACP office.

The threat was left on the office’s answering machine at 1:13 a.m. Monday.

According to the police report, an incoming call from an unknown number left these messages:

“My number is kill n****** 101. My name, Johnny Rebel. My profession murdering black people. F*** you stupid f****** n******. (Inaudible) F****** kill yourself. Stupid n**** loving jews.”

Deane Bonner, who contacted police about the messages, also played for them a previous message from 2017. Police responded to that one, but because there was no specific threat contained in that message, investigators closed the case.

The organization's president, Phyllis Blake, called the message disgusting.

"It is just unbelievable that we have people live this in our world and we just have to remember when we hear that not to let us deter us from what we are doing but to continue to fight for everyone," she said.

Marietta Police are now working to track down the person who made the call, who is wanted for making a terroristic threat. Meanwhile, Blake and Bonner are checking with other NAACP offices around Georgia to see if they've also received similar calls.