ATLANTA — Surveillance video from the front of a Buckhead home shows what appears to be two men with guns, dumping a briefcase out of a car. 

This is a scene Troy Gin says has become all too familiar in his neighborhood. 

"This has been an ongoing issue frequently there are car thefts and car break ins generally there are kids doing it but this has brought it to a new level," he said.

Gin installed his camera two years ago after his car was stolen, but this is the first time he’s ever seen a gun out in the open. 

In the video it appears that the first man walks from the driver side of the car holding what looks like an automatic weapon and the other, getting in the front, holds a handgun.

"We just could not believe that in this neighborhood and not just this neighborhood, that that can happen is was just very alarming," he said.

The Atlanta Police Department says while major crimes are down three percent this year compared to last year, car break-ins ramp up during the holiday season. However, they say they have made  “significant arrests” over the past few days in the area. 

According to a police report, three arrests were made last week. Xavier Johnson and Ibrahim Dodo were arrested for stealing an SUV from Buckhead.

APD has put more resources into the Buckhead area to try to ward off future thefts.

Police said some of the guns used to carry out the robberies are stolen from vehicles. Last week, they had eight reports of guns stolen from cars. They are encouraging gun owners to keep them inside the house, not in the car.