WARE COUNTY, Ga. -- It's abundantly clear that nutrition was not the purpose behind an attempt to get a bag of cabbage into a southeast Georgia jail on Wednesday.

Officials with the Georgia Department of Corrections announced the same day that a shakedown performed by Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) officers at Ware State Prison uncovered something strange.

Inside the cabbages were several pieces of contraband ranging from marijuana and tobacco to flip and touchscreen phones.

The search even uncovered chargers and a small bag of headsets - all carefully wrapped and stuffed inside the outer shell of cabbage plants.

It's not clear how this contraband almost made its way into the prison - which is situated about 50 miles north of the Florida border.

However, the smuggling of phone equipment into prisons isn't entirely unheard of. In late December of 2016, 51 people - inmates and prison guards alike - were arrested at Autry State Prison for a series of crimes related to phone scams being run out of the prison itself.