Paulding County Sheriff's Office investigators are calling a woman's death a homicide after her husband found her dead inside their home on Tuesday morning.

Now, authorities are searching for a man they describe as a person of interest. They said that 32-year-old Derek Jess Renfroe was renting a room from the couple. But his location is unknown.

Before sunrise, at around 5:50 a.m., Paulding County deputies responded to a 911 call in the 4400 block of Hiram Sudie Road. That's where they found 45-year-old Beth Harris dead in a pool of blood.

And while the case is being handled as a homicide, the sheriff's office hasn't yet said what led to her death. Investigators told 11Alive's Ron Jones it's been really difficult to process the crime scene because of the amount of trash found inside the home. However, Harris's husband, who called 911, is said to be cooperating with investigators from both the sheriff's office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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Unsurprisingly, the incident has left neighbors who live near-by shaken.

"It's scary to know that somebody got murdered," said Karen Power. "When I heard about it, my heart was just pounding."

Neighbors who live across the street from the Harrises said Beth was a quiet woman, who didn't cause any trouble. Sam Power just saw her the other day.

"She walked right by, going to the store, and didn't say a word," he said.

Renfroe has since been named a person of interest -- and someone deputies need help finding. But neighbors doubt they'll be able to rest easy until he's found.

"Of course he could come into my house and harm me," Karen said. "I think he needs to be found."

Anyone with information about this incident or his location can call detectives at (770) 443-3015.