One delivery driver had been working for Pizza Hut for only two weeks when she experienced one of the scariest nights of her life.

It was another busy Saturday evening at the southwest Atlanta Pizza Hut as Jessica Miles was out hustling.

Miles told 11Alive she loved her job delivering pizza and said everything was positive. But that all changed when she made her last delivery on June 9.

That night, Miles was making a delivery in the 4100 block of Waits Avenue. As she drove up she said a little boy, around 9-years-old came to the door.

"Once he came to the door, I just thought everything was okay,” Miles said.

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But it wasn't.

“Two men came from the back of the house with guns,” Miles said.

The young mother of two immediately raised her hands and begged for her life. She asked him to not shoot her.

One of the suspects pulled the trigger and fortunately he fired the gun in the air. Miles said the suspects then grabbed her belongings, even the pizza, and made a dash for her car. She said even the 9-year-old old boy was in on it, too.

Miles finally got her car back from police, but it was almost stripped down and trashed.

Since the robbery and carjacking, Miles doesn't get much sleep.

"When I do get to sleep, the first thing I see is this person holding the gun with the ski mask over his face pointing a gun at me like ‘get on the ground,’" she said.

Meanwhile, police are still searching for the suspects.