LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The Jeffersontown police chief says Wednesday’s horrific shooting at a Kroger store killing two people is a hate crime.

Rogers did speak at the First Baptist Church Jeffersontown Sunday but told WHAS11 News he considers the shooting as such as his department continues its investigation.

He also expects to file paperwork by the middle or the end of the week and give it to the Commonwealth’s Attorney, so they can present the case to a grand jury.

Several racial justice groups also called on law enforcement to designate the shooting as a hate crime.

Witnesses at the scene say the suspect, Gregory Bush, targeted African-Americans and surveillance video shows him trying to get into First Baptist Church Jeffersontown, a historically black church before going to the Kroger store.


Those groups and some city leaders told WHAS11 News the community cannot accept crimes like these.

“We as a community need to send a message that this is not acceptable. This individual should not be allowed to use mental illness as an excuse to escape justice,” Tyra Walker of the Kentucky Alliance, said.

Metro Councilman Kevin Kramer (D-11) said, “Mental illness is real but the hatred that showed itself on Wednesday is not a result of mental illness. It’s much, much more deep-seated than that.”

Local politicians who also attended the news conference say they also consider the shootings to be a hate crime.