COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — Police are searching for the thief they said was caught on surveillance video pocketing a disabled senior citizen's wallet inside a Newnan, Georgia convenience store.

Police said the Feb. 18 incident happened in the blink of an eye.

According to police, 64-year-old Curtis Johnson of Sharpsburg had just finished checking out at the Old Towne Convenience Store near Roscoe Road when he dropped his wallet on the floor. Police said a suspect behind him swiped it from the floor without the Johnson even realizing it and walked out with the wallet in his own pocket.

But the thief's mistake? The whole thing was caught on video, and it's pretty obvious who the suspect is.

Police said a pretty distinct tattoo on the suspect's face helped them identify the possible suspect as 28-year-old Caleb Levert McCrary. Authorities said McCrary is a resident of Austell, but is a former East Coweta High School student and frequents the Newnan area. McCrary, who police said sometimes goes as "K-Dog," is now wanted on charges of felony theft.

“The man essentially kept his entire life in the wallet, right down to his tax return,” said Lt. Jason Fetner with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. “Every penny to his name was on his debit card."

11Alive spoke to the daughter of the victim, Curtis Johnson, who called the situation "crazy."

"It just makes you mad," Natalie said. "That could have been your father. That could have been your grandfather, anybody."

Natalie said she and her father spent the past few days replacing everything inside the wallet, including his social security card, license and credit cards.

Police are now searching for McCrary, who had previous convictions of obstruction, battery, probation violations and other drug charges, to arrest him.

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As for Natalie's words to the suspect: "Have a heart next time," she said. "My father is an awesome person he would give you the shirt off his back."

Anyone with information about the incident or McCrary’s whereabouts is asked to contact investigators at the Coweta County Sheriff's Office at 770-253-1502 or by submitting an anonymous tip online.

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