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Here's a look at violent crime statistics in Atlanta's parks

After a brutal stabbing at a popular Atlanta park shook the community, statistics show the breakdown of crime in Atlanta's parks.

ATLANTA — When a brutal stabbing at one of Atlanta's most-popular parks left a woman and her dog dead, it shook the community.

After Katie Janness and her dog Bowie were found in a gruesome scene at Piedmont Park's Charles Allen entrance over the summer, misinformation swirled in social circles as city leaders worked to address safety measures in recreational areas. 

Crime statistics released by the Atlanta Police Department to 11Alive show the breakdown of violent crimes in Atlanta parks over the last three years.

There have only been 11 violent-crime incidents in Piedmont Park from 2018 to 2021 so far out of 153 total crimes, according to police.

With the park being in the heart of Atlanta and the focus of recent news, police say it's important to note the majority of crimes that have happened there — 102 of them — were vehicle thefts. 

"Given the fact Piedmont Park is among the largest and one of the most popular parks in the city, this was not a surprise to us," police said.

Police did not specify what the remaining crimes are identified as.

There are a total of 96 community, neighborhood and regional parks in the Atlanta area, and police say crimes that happen in these spaces only account for nearly 1.3% of overall crime in the city this year. In 2020, crime in parks constituted for just 1.45% of all city crime. 

In August, the Atlanta City Council approved legislation to address safety in the city's parks, calling for the installation of video surveillance cameras at all recreation facilities.

Atlanta Police are currently working on a new plan to have dedicated officers patrolling major parks. They are expected to make an announcement on Wednesday regarding what that plan entails. 

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