Police say 40 seconds was all it took for a group of alleged robbers to make off with more than $100,000 in stolen clothing.

It happened earlier this month at the Moda 404 Men's Boutique on Peachtree Road NE in Buckhead. The shop is so exclusive that customers have to be buzzed in to get inside, but police say that didn't stop the group of suspects from pulling off the take-over robbery.

Surveillance video captured the incident in great detail. At around 8:30 p.m. on April 6, police say a black-colored Dodge Challenger pulled up to the store and one of the suspects was buzzed into the store by a clerk.

The clerk told police that the suspect appeared to be shopping before striking up a conversation about a particular brand of jeans. Meanwhile, a second suspect is let into the business. He can be seen on surveillance video browsing the store with his cell phone out, allegedly using FaceTime to point out items for the thieves to target.

Moments later, the clerk says the first suspect tells him he is heading to the bank to withdraw money to make a purchase. As he exited the business, surveillance video shows him holding open the door for a group of suspects, who rushed into the store and began snatching clothing from the racks. Time stamps from video shows the entire incident took less than a minute.

Photos of the suspects

During the robbery, police say one of the suspects pulled out a gun and ordered the clerk and another customer to the ground. After the incident, the clerk called 911.

Police say the the group of suspects appeared to be wearing gloves and were trying to conceal their faces. They released the following descriptions for the suspects:

  • Suspect 1 -- Black male wearing a white-and-black printed jacket (described as an Air Jordan 'cement' design), a black t-shirt with white print, a Chicago Bulls baseball cap, black pants, black shoes, an earring and a watch
  • Suspect 2 -- Black male, armed with a silver handgun, wearing a black hoodie with red-and-white print, a white shirt or bandana, cuffed jeans and black shoes with white soles
  • Suspect 3 -- Black male wearing a brown jacket with a fur-trimmed hood and sleeves and black shoes
  • Suspect 4 -- Black male wearing a gray hoodie with dark-colored hood and sleeves, gray pants and black-and-white shoes
  • Suspect 5 -- Black male wearing a red bandana, gray hoodie, sagging pants and black shoes.
  • Suspect 6 -- Black male wearing a sold gray hoodie with dark pants and black shoes with white soles
  • Suspect 7 -- Black male wearing a camo-jacket, cap and black pants

The released the following descriptions for the getaway cars:

  • Black Dodge Challenger
  • Silver or gray Ford Fusion 4-door
  • Silver Chevrolet HHR that appears to be missing at least on of the front hubcaps that police say may be stolen

If anyone has information on the incident, they are asked to call police.

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