Dozens of dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Fulton County on Monday were picked up by an animal rescue organization on Wednesday afternoon.

The Georgia English Bulldog Rescue took 18 of 38 dogs that were confiscated from a puppy mill located at 4401 Commerce Circle.

"It's super emotional," Amanda Grantham with Georgia English Bulldog Rescue said. "You go into the shelter, and you see them in crates. As soon as you open the door, their eyes light up."

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"I am thankful that they weren't emaciated, and they seem to be really excited to be going and getting save today. But I am a little concerned because we won't know what their needs are until our vet evaluates them," Grantham said.

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Fulton County Police said the dogs were living in deplorable conditions and illegal breeding was occurring at the location.

38 dogs, 52 lizards and one bunny were discovered at the location, according to Audrey Shoemaker, manager of placement services at LifeLine.

Shoemaker said a tip led to the discovery of the animals.

"The community is really often our eyes and ears, and they help us prevent animal cruelty and step in," Shoemaker said.

"We're dealing with specialty those adorable smushy faces make it more challenging for surgeries," Shoemaker said, adding the group is working with specialty rescue groups that can help manage short term and life long care.

Marcellus Alston and Monica Harrish were arrested and charged with 37 counts of cruelty to animals. A judge set their bond at $18,500 each, which is $500 per count.

Harrish posted her $18,500 bail and was released on Tuesday.

Fulton County Animal Control seized the dogs. The next step is to get the dogs spayed and neutered and checked by a veterinarian before they are available for adoption.

PHOTOS: Puppy mill dogs picked up by Georgia English Bulldog Rescue