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'I’ve never been this scared' | Woman shot by husband says Coweta deputies saved her

GBI says the man was shot and killed after he allegedly pointed his gun at deputies.

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — A Coweta County woman is reflecting on a scary argument with her husband that nearly ended her life if it weren't for the actions of deputies.

“He was using me for target practice, thank God I’m alive because I don’t know how I survived," Rhonda Adams said about her husband and Saturday's shooting.

Rhonda called it a horrific and violent situation involving her husband – shooting her and then he was shot by deputies.

“I’ve never been this scared, I’ve always been scared of him, but I’ve never been this scared of him," she said.

Coweta County deputies were called to the Adams’ home in the 100 block of Tranquil Road Saturday after she called 911 for help. Rhonda said when they arrived, she had already been shot in the hand and in her thigh and was hiding behind her shed.

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“The cops were yelling to me 'Come to us, come to us.' I said, 'I’m not coming out there because he’s going to kill me,'" she explained. "I was so scared with all the cops in my yard. That’s how scared I was.”

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation press release, deputies tried to convince 76-year-old Michael Adams to put down his gun but they were unsuccessful. Officials say Michael pointed his gun at authorities and two deputies and one officer fired at him. He died at the scene.

Rhonda believes they both would have been better off if she left what she calls an abusive relationship beforehand.

“I regret not leaving years ago, but they trap you, you know," she said. "They make you feel little and small and you’re not worth nothing and nobody likes you.”

Now she has advice for other women who may be in this same situation.

"Don’t wait as long as I did. If they are hitting you, if they are threatening you, get the hell out of there, run, because they will kill you," she said.

Rhonda said she hasn't worked in years so right now she is trying to figure out how to make it on her own. She set up a fundraiser to get by as she figures out her next steps. 

If you or someone you may know is experiencing domestic violence, please consider using the resources below.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Call: 800-799-7233 

SMS: Text START to 88788

Domestic shelters

Find shelters in metro Atlanta using this link.

Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence offers advice on how to leave a bad situation and the support that's available. Visit this website to find the resource fit for your situation.

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