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'I shot him because he tried to hurt me!' | Rideshare driver's 911 call after being followed, crashed into by man

According to police, the man is facing charges including aggravated assault and impersonating an officer.

ATLANTA — The 911 call was released Wednesday in the case of a rideshare driver shooting a man who, she said, had been following her for two miles and then crashed into her and totaled her car as he claimed to be a police officer.

The call captures her panic after she's run off the road and in a confrontation with the man, telling him "you're not a f******* police officer!" and a "maniac" before the gunshots can be heard.

According to police, the man is facing charges including aggravated assault and impersonating an officer. The incident occurred earlier this week in Buckhead, near the Target across from the Lenox Square shopping complex.

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Police never detailed the man's injuries, though a report says he was shot three times - in the back, leg and shoulder.

At one point the man can be heard in the background of the call using phrases such as "officer down" and "officer shot."

"I shot him because he tried to hurt me!" the woman tells the dispatcher at one point. "He ran me off the road and totaled my car, it was self-defense."

"I started shooting at him because he was acting crazy," the woman said at one point. "He followed me for two f****** miles. I've been trying to get away from him for two miles - I thought I was gonna f****** die."


"Are you a maniac?" she asks him at several points during their interaction.

The call begins with the woman calling from her car, before being run off the road.

According to police, the rideshare driver was dropping a passenger off at a motel on Cheshire Bridge Road when the man attempted to use his vehicle to block her in.

A police report indicates he "rear-ended her vehicle purposely multiple times in an effort to run her off the road" - which was also captured on city traffic cameras.

"They keep following me, please help me, I'm driving on Peachtree headed towards Lenox," she initially tells the dispatcher. 

"Why do they keep following me?" she asks as her distress clearly escalates. "They hit my car! They hit my car! I don't know who these people are, they are right on my tail."

Police said that when they found the man, he told them he was an active Los Angeles Police Department officer. 

"The vehicle (he) was driving did not have any lights or sirens nor did he have identification on his person giving creditability of him being a police officer," the police report states.

The report says police found small amounts of drugs including cocaine and marijuana on him.

The man was hospitalized and was set to be transferred to Fulton County Jail upon his release.

The rideshare company Uber said it's not allowing the woman to drive for the company as police investigate the incident. 

A spokesperson for Uber released the following statement Wednesday night.

“The reported details are frightening, and we’re relieved the driver was unharmed. We’re in touch with the driver as we continue to look into this incident. We’re standing by to assist law enforcement on their investigation.”


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