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Former DeKalb police officer sentenced to 12 years in prison for killing naked, unarmed veteran

Robert Olsen was found not guilty of murder in the 2015 shooting death of Anthony Hill, but was found guilty of four other charges.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Emotions were high on both sides of the aisle Friday as Robert Olsen was sentenced by Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson to 12 years in prison. 

He was sentenced to 20 years total. 

The judge also said he is never allowed to work in law enforcement or to possess any firearms. He's also not allowed to profit from anything regarding this case.

"Whether it's television, radio, book publishing that could transpire from the events of March 9th," she said.

Olsen faced a max sentence of 30 years in prison on aggravated assault, violation of oath of public office and making false statement convictions in the 2015 shooting death of Anthony Hill, an unarmed, naked Air Force veteran during a 911 response call.

Prosecutors from the DeKalb County District Attorney's Office requested 25 years in prison, and another five years on probation. His defense team did not request a specific time, but spoke of how officers are often told to "come home safe" and asked Judge Jackson to "please let him come home safe, soon."

The trial and deliberation, which ended in October, were long and sometimes contentious.

Olsen said when he arrived on scene in 2015 to a call of a naked, possibly disturbed man, Hill started running at him at full speed. Olsen said he got out of his car and twice yelled, "Stop!," but Hill continued running. He shot Hill twice, killing him. The former officer said he was scared for his life.

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What was unknown at the time was Hill was an Air Force veteran who’d been diagnosed as bipolar. He was off his medicine at the time of the shooting and his family says he was in the midst of a mental breakdown.

Prosecutors argued the decision to use deadly force - with a number of other tools at his disposal to use in the situation - could not be justified and constituted murder. Olsen's defense team had argued he had only an instant to react and treated the situation up until Hill ran at him cautiously and defensively.

When the jury returned a mixed verdict, convicting Olsen on four charges but acquitting him of murder, the verdict was met with criticism from both sides.

After the courtroom cleared, Robert Olsen’s wife was left sobbing, surrounded by friends and family while the former Dekalb police officer was led out by deputies -- but not placed in handcuffs. 

Olsen cried off and on through the entire hearing - often wiping his eyes or ringing his hands.

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Supporters of Hill felt Olsen was let off easy. Supporters of Olsen said he felt he should never have been charged in the first place.

A juror that spoke with 11Alive News after the verdict was announced mirrored that sentiment. He said the jury split upon whether it was murder or self defense. The juror, who didn’t want his name or face shown, said the verdict was the best compromise they could get. The jury deliberated for six days, at times sending notes to the judge indicated they may be deadlocked on certain charges.

Credit: DeKalb County Sheriff's Office


  • Count 1: Felony murder - not guilty
  • Count 2: Felony murder - not guilty
  • Count 3: Aggravated assault - guilty
  • Count 4: Violation of oath of office - guilty
  • Count 5: Making false statements - guilty
  • Count 6: Violation of oath of office - guilty

Olsen faced up to 30 years in jail, because Counts 5 and 6 were merged by the judge in a decision made Friday. Prior to his trial he turned down a plea bargain that would have given him 15 years in jail.

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