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Mother feels helpless after son says he was molested 3 times at DeKalb school

The mother says the administration at Rock Chapel Elementary School in DeKalb County was making excuses about the incidents

LITHONIA, Ga. — He used to write her love notes every day. If she was still asleep when he woke up, he'd kiss her forehead.

Her 6-year-old son used to write, "Mommy, I love you." 

Now he tells her he's scared.

"Now he's writing himself notes to beat somebody up when they touch him. So, something he used to do for me is being turned in to something else because he's afraid to go to school," the mother of the 6-year-old boy said. 

Afraid because she says he has been molested three times in the past three weeks.

The first time was on a school bus, his mom said.

"He had pulled up his shirt, pulled down his pants, and tickled his pee pee on the bus. I was furious, I start asking more questions to see what happened," the mother, whom 11Alive is not identifying because her child is an alleged victim, said. 

She said at first, the administration at Rock Chapel Elementary School in DeKalb County made excuses.

"He was just horsing around, he's a wild kid, he's just doing what he does, it was an accident," she listed.

But a week later, the mother said it happened again. Her son arrived at home bleeding, with a fat lip. He told his mother the other boy hit his head and molested him again.

"I let them do the investigation," she explained. "She told me that the bus driver was a substitute bus driver, and she assured me that my baby was safe now, after that." 


The mother said the school told her the two boys would be kept apart. But it happened again, she said. This time, in a classroom.

"He feels like he is the one that's getting punished instead of the one who is doing something to him," she said. "It's not fair, and he's speaking up. After he says something, he should be protected, and it should be addressed and taken serious. My son was afraid, and he's been molested three times now and nobody was helping him out."

The mother said she was told a teacher witnessed what happened and pulled the other little boy off, but no one called police. She claimed the school told her they would put the other little boy in a different classroom.

"She just kept telling me that everyone was up to speed now, and everyone is going to do it right this time, after the third time my son was molested in their care," she said. 

According to the DeKalb County Schools student handbook, sexual misconduct at the elementary level should have triggered an automatic six- to 10-day suspension.

11Alive News asked the district whether the other child was disciplined.

In a statement, they told us the safety of every student is always a top priority for the Dekalb County School District, and that school police are aware of the allegations, but that this is an open and ongoing investigation so they are not able to provide further details at this time.

But the mother said the situation has left her feeling helpless.

"For them to promise that he's going to be safe, and then it happened again, it makes me feel like I failed him," she said. 

The mom said she wonders if the district may not have taken this seriously because the allegations involve two boys.

She said her son is going in for a forensic interview with police next week.

She's hoping to find someone for him to talk to after that.


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