ALPHARETTA, Ga -- Police have released a sketch of a suspect in an assault that happened last week.

The assault took place in the city's Wills Park area on May 16.

Alpharetta police said the department requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to assist in the effort to obtain a sketch of the suspect.

The victim told police she was attacked around 11:30 a.m. walking her 1-year-old child along a path at the park.

A police report shows the incident began with a simple greeting of “good morning” from the suspect. She replied to the suspect as she pushed her daughter’s stroller on the path. A few minutes later, the victim said she noticed the suspect walking quickly, approaching her from behind. She began to walk faster but so did the suspect. During this time her daughter’s blanket fell off the stroller.

It was at that moment that she tried to pick up the blanket that the suspect grabbed her from behind with a small black knife and placed it to the side of her stomach. The victim described the weapon as a homemade box cutter. She said the suspect then began putting his other hand underneath her clothes.

She elbowed her attacker who grabbed her hair and pulled her back. Luckily she continued to fight and scream catching the attention of passersby who came to her aid as the suspect fled.

The report stated that when the suspect pressed the knife to her stomach, the victim pleaded with the attacker telling him that she was pregnant. Still, the suspect persisted before finally running away.

The victim told police that the suspect was wearing a blue or gray shirt that appeared to be a mechanic’s uniform. He was described as an African American male who had a slight, “scruffy” beard and was about 5 feet 10 inches tall.

The victim only had a slight injury from the assault, a small cut on the arm, and was treated at the scene.