SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- 11Alive has received new video of a man using a sledgehammer to break into a Gwinnett County pharmacy.

Now police are trying to figure out if it's the same thief who hit other pharmacies.

Kaitlyn Ross explains the high price of these thefts.

The thief had to stay low to avoid the motion detectors so he couldn't get anything high on the shelves. But he did get away with about $12,000 in Schedule 2 narcotics.

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“You not only hurt us, but you hurt cancer patients,” Eastside Family Pharmacy owner Michele Dalton said. “You hurt sickle cell patients. You hurt injured patients by your greed. That's not OK.”

She and co-owner Esther Truitt were sick watching their business get robbed.

“It makes you angry,” Truitt said. “It really does, it makes you angry.”

The thief started in the back with a sledgehammer, slamming through brick and concrete.

He then crawls through the tiny hole and pops up inside their specialty compounding room.

“It absolutely feels like a violation. This is our investment this is our business.” Dalton said. “We put our energy in to serving these people and helping these people.”

The police are certain this guy has done it before.

Look how he slithers around the floor to avoid the motion detectors filling his bag with prescription drugs.

“Our insurance agent told us he was almost afraid for Monday morning and the calls he was going to get from his clients,” Dalton said.

She said she knows of six other pharmacies robbed in the same week and this was the second time her store got hit in the same month.

“When someone comes to us and we can't help them because someone stole from us, that's heartbreaking,” Dalton said.

Thankfully the thief didn't get to a basket of medications scheduled for refills so existing patients were OK.

Now the pharmacy is hoping their insurance company picks up the rest so no one has to go without a medication they need.