SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. – The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two possible attempted child abductions.

Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix posted details about the most recent case on Facebook.

He wrote that officers first learned about it through a witness who never called 911 but instead shared her account of what happened on her personal Facebook page.

The original post about this attempted child abduction at Orchard Hill Park a few days ago has since been removed.

According to Sheriff Dix, the witness confronted the female suspect, who tried to strike the witness before running to her vehicle and leaving the scene.

The woman’s white mini-van had no tag but appeared to be a late 90’s model Ford Aerostar missing the chrome trim from the sliding side door, according to the witness.

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The witness told authorities she originally did not report the incident to them because the suspect had left. The witness was contacted on Wednesday and has been working with deputies to help them develop a sketch of the female suspect.

The witness described the woman as a 5’8” white female with should-length blonde hair, blue eyes, slim build, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Officials said the description from the Orchard Hill Park incident closely matches the description of a suspect from an incident at Runaway Lakes in July.

In that case, a woman reportedly tried to take a child while posing as a DFCS worker.

Sheriff Dix reminded people that if they see something, they need to call 911 immediately.

“We will get the call and get to the scene faster than we will if you post it on social media,” Sheriff Dix posted.

Officials also said if you must protect yourself, a child, or someone else do so with all you might but if a confrontation can be avoided, go that route.

If you have any information about these incidents, you are asked to contact Sgt. Ray Hightower at 770-467-4282 ext. 5402.

The sheriff's post references another case making the rounds on social media.

It involves a man who pulled his van into a driveway on Baptist Camp Road where an 11 and 12-year-old were playing in the yard.

The man told the kids to come talk to him, but the 12-year-old went inside to get his mother. Officials said the mother came out and talked to the man who said he was wanting to put a sign in her yard to advertise a dove shoot. After a verbal altercation ensued, the man allegedly said, “I’m coming back for you and your kids b****.” Officials said the man got back into his van and drove away.

The suspect is described as a while heavy-set man in his 50’s or 60’s. He was driving a white box-style van with a ladder rack on top. Officials said it was described as a painter’s van.

Sheriff's officials said this does not appear to be an attempted child abduction but instead could be tied to a series of thefts that have occurred in the area.

“Currently there is no indication that these incidents are related however they are being taken seriously and are being investigated,” officials said.