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Thieves drill holes into tanks of U-Haul trucks to steal gas, police say

Police urged residents to remain calm.

GRIFFIN, Ga. — You know when the police department starts a social media post with "true story" and a meme, it's probably not going to be good. 

The City of Griffin Police Department said someone drilled holes into the gas tanks of parked U-Haul trucks to take the fuel.

They said firefighters responded to clean up the spill.

"While we understand that there is a shortage on gas, we also want to remind everyone to exercise safety, patience and common sense," they wrote on social media. 

They urged residents to remain calm.

"The shortage is temporary and we anticipate the gas stations returning to full operations soon. In the meantime, remain calm and don't do anything to endanger yourself and others."

If you've stopped for gas in the past few days, you likely noticed higher than normal prices. You may have even seen limits on how much you can get - or no gas at all. The Colonial Pipeline, which is based right here in Alpharetta, Georgia, is one of the nation's largest sources of fuel and remains mostly shut down after a cyberattack.

The Colonial Pipeline runs from Texas to New Jersey, carrying more than 100 million barrels of fuel every day. That's everything from gasoline to heating oil and jet fuel that supplies Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. It's responsible for almost half of the entire East Coast's fuel supply.

If you spot a fuel line or a gas station running short of fuel, snap a photo and send it to 11Alive. You can upload the image using the Near Me function on the 11Alive mobile app, or by texting 404-885-7600.

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