COVINGTON, Ga. — The man who allegedly ran over a 20-year-old man with special needs with a pick-up truck after an argument has been arrested in upstate New York, according to Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown.

In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Brown made the announcement as he stood flanked by the mother of victim Kevin Marshall and the county's district attorney, Layla Zon. 

"Suspect Anderson was arrested earlier this date, out of state, in upstate New York, and he will be brought to Newton County to face the charges that has been placed against him at this particular time for the horrendous act that was carried out," Brown said.

According to authorities, Marshall was walking away from the scene of an argument at a home off North Lake Drive when Joshua Anderson, driving the pick-up, hit him and kept going.

Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson
Newton County Sheriff's Office

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Anderson faces a malice murder charge and had been on the run since then.  

Zon said Tuesday that her office would vigorously prosecute the case to ensure that justice would be carried out.

"The District Attorney's office has assured Ms. Marshall that we will do all that is in our power to hold the persons responsible who committed this horrific, heinous, inhuman, wantonly vile, evil crime on July 4," she said. "And to the fullest extent of the law, he will be prosecuted -- or she. And that person will be held accountable." 

Marshall's mother said that while she was there to see justice for her son, she also wanted to continue to spread the type of love and goodness that her son was known for. 

"It is imperative that justice be served to Joshua and all parties involved to the highest extent for taking my son's life." she said.  "But I am also here to continue to spread the love and the light that Kevin shared with countless others through the selfless acts, radiant smile and warm Godly spirit he bestowed on many."

When she spoke at a vigil on Sunday, she said that capturing and jailing Anderson was not enough. 

"Locking him up is not good enough for me," she said at the time. "Do you understand me?"

"There is enough violence in this world," she added. "We've got to learn to love more so that we can be strong to fight the evilness that tries to inflict our children."

Brown did not indicate exactly when Anderson would be extradited back to Georgia from New York during Tuesday afternoon's news conference.


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