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Victim: Teens stole car, ate pizza, before cops caught them

She said the boy outside produced a gun and demanded her possessions.

UNION CITY, Ga. — Felicia Evans said she was robbed by teenagers who schemed to ambush her when she arrived to deliver a pizza.  

Evans said she’d been delivering pizzas for a local franchise when a call came in July 2017 with an order for an address on Buckhurst Trail. She drove up and saw that the home appeared to be unoccupied. Yet she said she saw two boys, one outside, who claimed the pizza delivery.

"You know, they tell you to trust your instincts. That day, I didn't," she said.  She said the boy outside produced a gun and demanded her possessions.

Evans said she had a phone, a few dollars cash, and a pizza.  The thieves took all three.  They drove off in her Ford Fusion – then, she said, they stopped to eat the pizza.  She said police found them inside her stolen car within minutes.

Then police found video – where one of the teens bragged about what they’d done.

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Prosecutors say DeQuandre Weaver was 14 when the video was shot. This week a judge sentenced Weaver, now 16, to serve 20 years in prison for a list of felonies.  He was sentenced as an adult.

A judge also sentenced Tyyneefah Wells, now 18 and  Anthony Cleveland, now 15.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard's office described the three teens as street gang members.  Weaver's charges included armed robbery, hijacking a car, and aggravated assault.

Investigators said Weaver and a teenage accomplice also robbed and shot another pizza delivery driver the day before they robbed Evans.  

Evans said after that day she was robbed in Union City in 2017, she never delivered another pizza again.


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