A man who allegedly kidnapped a woman in Georgia and brought her to Alabama has been arrested.

A Gwinnett County Police Officer was called to a home Monday morning on a missing person call. A man told the officer that his mother was missing and had possibly been forced to leave by her boyfriend. He told the officer that her mother's boyfriend had a history of striking her. 

While the officer was at the home, the boyfriend contacted the house via the home's Ring security system. The officer said the man, identified as Christopher Gray, "seemed agitated" and that the line disconnected. 

Minutes later, the missing woman called the security system. The officer asked her if she could get away from Gray so that they could talk. She said no. He asked if she was being held against her will. There was a long pause and then the line went dead, the officer reported.

That same day, Bessemer, Alabama Police, officers were called to a "suspicious vehicle." Once they got there, a man ran from a car sitting on the lot of a car wash, police said. 

A woman in that car told officers that she'd been kidnapped earlier in the day in Snellville, Georgia by the the man who ran away.

Officers were able to locate Gray under a shed. He was arrested and charged with sodomy first degree and third-degree theft. Detectives in Georgia told Alabama authorities that they'd signed a kidnapping warrant on Gray as well.

The woman received medical attention and was released the same day.

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