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Three Pizza Hut delivery workers robbed in metro Atlanta

According to the incident report, the robbery that happened in Atlanta also involved a 9-year-old.

In the past several weeks, metro Atlanta authorities have responded to robberies where Pizza Hut delivery workers have been victims of robberies.

Two of the robberies happened in Roswell and other one happened in Atlanta.

On May 15, Roswell Police were called to 1300 block of Gran Cirque Drive around 11:18 p.m. for a strong arm robbery. The driver is employed at the Holcomb Bridge Road Pizza Hut location. The victim didn't have any visible injuries and refused medical attention.

The second Roswell incident happened May, 30 in the same area. This time, the victim was delivering an online order to a different apartment on Gran Crique Drive. The delivery woman met a man who she believed was the customer at the stairs of the breezeway. The man said he had to get the money from the residence and took the food into the apartment. Another man also went inside as well while the third person left.

One of the men came back outside and demanded her money. The incident report said he told her he didn't want to have to hit her. As she tried to leave, he attempted to block her. Police said she hit him in the groin with her knee. The man then struck the victim.

The worker gave up the money and returned to the Pizza Hut to report the incident. Authorities went to investigate and learned that it was a vacant apartment.

The Atlanta robbery happened at a vacant resident as well. Atlanta Police said the crime happened on June 9 at in the 4100 block of Waits Avenue SW. The incident report indicates that three suspects were at the scene.

The driver, who works for the Pizza Hut on Cascade Road, said she went to the home and a 9-year-old boy answered the door. He told the deliverer he would get the money from his mother.

The driver told police that a few minutes later, two men came from the back of the house. One of them was wearing a mask and had a gun. She didn't get a good look at the third person.

The victim said the robber fired a shot in the air and told her "get on the ground or turn around before I shoot you."

The robbers told her to put the items on the ground. She placed the pizza, car keys, cell phone, and drink on the ground. They all left in the victim's green 1998 Nissan Maxima.

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