On Sunday morning, October 8, Courtney Bell called Newton County 911 to report her 2-week-old daughter Caliyah McNabb missing. One day later, searchers found the body of the infant a short distance later, beneath a log, where her body was hidden.

Baby Caliyah's father, Chris McNabb has been charged with her murder and concealing her body in the wooded area where she was found.

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LISTEN | 911 call from mom reports 2-week-old baby missing

The transcript of the 911 call from mother Courtney Bell is as follows:

911: Newton County 911, what's the emergency?

Bell: I have a 2-year-old and a 2-week-old, and my 2-week-old is not in her sleeper. Her passy is on the floor.

911: She's not in her sleeper?

Bell: She's not in her sleeper - she's not here. I looked -- I looked in her clothes and everything.

911: What's your address, ma'am?

Bell: [redacted] -- yes. Lot 31...

911: Do you think somebody took her, ma'am?

Bell: My child said -- my 2-year-old said she's gone. And I looked everywhere in the house -- I don't know another possibility.

911: What lot number are you at?

Bell: 31...

911: Okay, you said you were sleep and you woke up and she was gone?

Bell: Yes. My...my 2-year-old came and woke me up...I was sleep on the couch. (yelling for someone off phone)

911: Okay... (typing)... How old is she, ma'am?

Bell: Two weeks old.

911: Okay... (typing)... Who else would have come in your house?

Bell: I... I mean... As far as I know, nobody would have came in my house... My 2-year-old said papa, but I called my dad and I called my grandparents, but they don't have her... My dad's on the way here now.

911: Okay... (typing)...

Bell: (Unintelligible yell at someone off phone)...

911: All right, how long have you been sleep?

Bell: Ummm.... The last time I woke with her was... I guess around 5, maybe...

911: Okay... (typing)... So you were sleep since 5:00? (typing)

Bell: Yes... I didn't mean to sleep on the couch, I sat down for a minute after dealing with her all night.

911: So could you tell that someone had been there? Was here blanket there? Gone?

Bell: Um. her blanket is gone, her passy is here on the floor. Her blanket is not with us. I don't know where -- I mean, I guess... I don't know... I guess it's with her.

911: (typing)... Okay...

Bell: And I have clothes in totes, but I've looked all in them, and she's not here.... (sobbing)

911: (typing) Is there anything else missing, like a baby bag that she would have or anything else?

Bell: No... Her bottle's here... On top of my shelf...

911: Okay -- what about --

Bell: In my bathroom on my vanity, I'm sorry...

911: Ma'am?

Bell: Huh?

911: What about anything else that could be gone that could be hers that could have gone with her?

Bell: Um... No. Nothing else. Just her and her blanket.

911: The only thing that's missing is her and her blanket?

Bell: Yes.

911: You didn't talk to the dad? Or her grandma or anybody else?

Bell: Her dad was here -- her dad's with us, and -- and he's walking around the car looking for her... Because my 2-year-old's -- I asked someone to come and take her and he said yes, but I... she's 2, so I can free that or not...

911: Did you look through everything? Under the bed?

Bell: Yes' ma'am...

911: In bathrooms?

Bell: Yes, ma'am...

911: Okay... (typing)... All right... (typing)... What's your name, ma'am?

Bell: Courtney Bell. C-O-U-R-T-N-E-Y, B-E-L-L...

911: Just to let you know, Cortney, they've been on the way out there, I'm just getting this to update them.... What's your phone number?

Bell: Um... I'm not sure of this number where I'm at... The phone was busted the other day... This is my mother's phone she's been letting me use...

911: So it's you and the dad -- I'm just trying to get the understanding to let them know on the questions they're asking me -- You and the dad were sleeping, or he just came back home?

Bell: No, me and him woke up together. She woke us both up together.

911: Okay, she woke the two of you up together and told you the baby was gone?

Bell: Yes.

911: Okay.

Bell: She was kind of freaked out... I mean, I don't -- I don't know -- 'cause she was just standing there besides the couch in the corner, and I told her 'come here,' and I told my baby's dad to go check on Caliyah, and he was talking about 'she's not here, she's not in here...'

911: Okay, well the police should be in the area, now.

Bell: Thank you...

911: I'll go ahead and let you go, okay?

Bell: Thanks.

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