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Juror provides insight on suspended Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill's verdict

The suspended Clayton County sheriff was found guilty on 6 of 7 civil rights charges.

ATLANTA — The jury found suspended Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill guilty on all but one count of federal civil rights charges Wednesday. One juror shared why.

Graham Carter was walking out of the courthouse and provided some insight into how the jurors deliberated even after a juror was released and replaced with an alternate during the trial

The jury created a timeline of evidence to help them decide, according to Carter. 

“We began to organize all the evidence and all the testimony, and we actually presented a timeline. It was very helpful in proceeding further,” Carter said.

But, count five was the only charge in which jurors found him innocent.

“There was no evidence he placed anyone in the chair,” Carter said in a question about the fifth charge. 

The 72-year-old juror believes the system the jury created worked.

Hill was accused of violating the constitutional rights of seven Clayton County jail inmates by forcing them into restraint chairs for hours at a time with little provocation. Hill told the jury he did it to maintain order in the jail.

Hill’s attorney Drew Findling plans to file an appeal in the case.


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