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Tybee Island Police: Officers' actions in viral video 'acceptable'

In a Facebook post on Monday, the department said they are aware of a viral video about an incident where a man and two women were arrested.

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. — Tybee Island Police are using social media to counter claims of excessive force regarding a recent arrest.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the department said they are aware of a viral video about an incident where a man and two women were arrested.

According to WSAV, the viral video showing the three arrests on Tybrisa Street quickly circulated on social media. Some claimed the officers' actions were excessive. However, the police department said that's not the case. They posted several videos on Facebook from the incident.

"We understand that the contents of that video are disturbing to some viewers," one of the Facebook posts reads. "What’s important to remember, is that the video we’ve seen starts well after the initial incident has begun and lacks context."

According to the NBC affiliate, the incident report says the arrests happened at a bar called Rock House Saturday night when a bouncer called over officers. Police believed Olivia Simons, 21, or a woman she was with might have been under the legal drinking age or might have been in possession of a stolen or fake ID. 

In the bodycam video released by Tybee Island Police, the officer can be seen walking up as he questions someone about the ID.

"She's handing me this telling me this is her," the man said. 

The man hands the ID to the officer, but then the woman standing there snatches it and runs. The officer takes off running behind her, yelling "stop."

Another woman is running as well.

"You are going to get tased," he said. 

In the video you can see the woman fall on the ground, he tells her to put her hands behind her back. As the situation continues, she is tased.

You can also hear a man, who was later identified as Richard Stutts, yell at police to get off of the woman. He allegedly grabbed an officer. Police said he punched an officer about three times. 

During the commotion an officer tased him as well, WSAV said.

People gathered as the situation unfolded. WSAV reports Alecia Adams yelled at officers using vulgar language and that she resisted arrest. She allegedly bit an officer; a taser was used and police were able to get her under control.

Tybee Island Police said the chief reviewed the body camera videos from the scene and determined the actions were acceptable under the circumstances. 

"Know that the Tybee Island Police Department takes citizen complaints very seriously and will continue to do so as we move forward into the future," the post reads. 

The department said more arrests are possible.

View the surveillance and bodycam videos on the department's Facebook page.


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