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Secretly-recorded video shows former Clayton County sheriff order handcuffed man to restraint chair

In the video, Victor Hill is seen walking into a holding cell to speak with the man who was just arrested, asking what he was doing in Clayton County.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — 11Alive obtained a video that prompted a federal jury to convict former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill of violating prisoners' rights. This comes days before his scheduled sentencing. 

It's a 6-minute video showing the former sheriff's face as he orders deputies to strap a man down in a restraint chair just minutes after being arrested. 

In the video, Hill is seen walking into a holding cell to speak with the man arrested; he asked the man what he was doing in Clayton County. 

"Is this a democracy, sir? Is this the United States," the man, handcuffed, said to Hill. 

"No, it's not," Hill replied, adding, "Not in my county." 

As the video goes on, the handcuffed man is seen complying with deputies' orders, respectfully calling Hill "sir" as he asks about his rights.

"Am I entitled to a fair and speedy trial," the man asks Hill. 

"Roll that chair around here. Roll that chair around here," Hill replies. "You stay out of Clayton County. Do you understand me? You sound like a dummy."

According to the county's jail policy, using a restraint chair is only allowed when someone is a threat to themselves or others. However, former inmates who testified in the federal case said Hill commanded them to sit in the chair for up to 10 hours. 

While Hill claims he is not guilty, the video shows him ordering the handcuffed man to be strapped into the chair. 

Hill is about to be sentenced on six counts of violating prisoners' rights inside the Clayton County jail.

"Sir I am going to ask you a third time," the man said to Hill.

"You ain't gunna ask me, jack. You are entitled to sit in this chair, and get the hell out of my county, and don't come back," Hill replied. "That's what you're entitled to. You sound like a d*** jack***." 

Seven former inmates testified against Hill, telling the jury they were scared, in pain, and forced to urinate on themselves because they were not allowed to use the bathroom. 

"Now sit there and see if you can get some d*** sense in your head," Hill said in the video. 

Federal prosecutors recommended a 46-month sentence on Wednesday. Hill “would initially face” 70 to 87 months of prison, but he objected to the severity of the offenses, the document said. After consideration, the federal government is now recommending a sentence of 46 months. In addition to serving an almost 4-year sentence, Hill is facing another lawsuit.

The most recent lawsuit centers around a slew of street racing arrests from 2021. Although none of those arrested were charged, they claim they were defamed by being labeled as "street racers" and were falsely arrested for "loitering and prowling."

Hill's sentencing is scheduled for March 14, 2023.


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