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'Please get off the bus!': Video shows man allegedly boarding school bus, trying to take control of it

The man allegedly told the driver that someone was trying to kill him.

ATHENS, Ga. — Dramatic video shows when a man boarded a school bus full of children in Clarke County and allegedly tried to take control of it, telling the driver that someone was trying to kill him.

The incident occurred last week on Martin Circle in Athens. A police report outlines how 44-year-old Fred Woods allegedly left the school bus driver "visibly shocked and shaken."

According to the Clarke County School District Police report, Woods entered the bus behind a student, and the driver began to plead with him to get off.

The driver's increasing panic can be heard in her pleas in the video, which is from the bus' dash cam.

"Don't get on the bus, you can't get on the bus," she says as he boards.

"You can't get on the bus! C'mon get off the bus! You can't get on the bus. Please get off the bus!"

"Oh my goodness!" she eventually screams in frustration.

Credit: Clarke County School District Police

According to the police report, Woods told her someone was trying to kill him, and he wanted her to take him down the street.

As the driver repeatedly refused, Woods "grabbed the gearshift, shifting it back and forwards, attempting to place it into drive, taking his hand pressing down on (the driver's) foot, accelerating the engine."

The driver apparently had already applied her air breaks, which kept the school bus from moving.

A police report said the situation was finally controlled when another parent on the street grabbed Woods off the bus.

"Mr. Woods reckless actions caused (the driver) to fear for the safety of every child on the bus, as well as her own," the report states.

Woods has been charged with criminal trespass, reckless conduct and disrupting the operations of a public school, a Clarke County School District release said.


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