ATLANTA – Video of a brawl involving five people at Lenox Mall has caught the attention of thousands on social media.

A bystander took a video of the fight and posted it on Twitter gaining over 900 retweets and 1,000 likes.

The fight happened in the middle of the popular mall on January 7 when mall security had to break the five people up. Police said the fight began with a verbal dispute between Demontez Cole, Jason McCray, Ashanti Tucker, Lashayla Perryman, and an unidentified man.

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McCray told police he was walking towards the Apple Store when he was approached by Cole and Perryman. When asked “where’s your [girlfriend] at,” McCray told the duo Tucker was at another store, according to the police report. That’s when McCray walked away to meet her.

The police report stated McCray and Tucker later ran back into Cole and Perryman downstairs near the escalators. That’s when Cole, Perryman, and the unknown man circled the couple.

McCray told police, he “picked up the tall boy [Cole] and slammed him and then they jumped me.” The report stated they men ‘tussled’ through the mall while Tucker and Perryman were on the ground fighting.

“My girlfriend [Perryman] and her [Tucker] are beefing,” Cole told police in the report.

Cole stated he and Perryman came out of Northface and that’s when McCray said to Tucker, “What’s up b****.” That’s when Perryman started ‘pushing up on Tucker’ and leading to the altercation.

The fight between Cole and McCray began when McCray struck Cole’s younger brother, according to the report.

Once the fight was broken up, Tucker told police Perryman ran off with her iPhone after it fell out of her pocket during the fight. Police said Perryman was no longer on the scene and the other three suspects didn’t name the other involved.

McCray, Tucker, and Cole were taken into custody and cited for disorderly conduct.

You can watch the video below: