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Watch live: Trial of parents charged in murder of 2-week-old daughter

The body of little Caliyah was found in a wooded area not far from her parents' home the day after she was reported missing. She was 15 days old.

UPDATE: The jury has found Christopher McNabb and Cortney Bell guilty on all charges.


Christopher McNabb and Cortney Bell are on trial in Newton County for the 2017 murder of their 2-week-old daughter. The legal proceedings have been both contentious and emotional.

Little Caliyah was born prematurely in late September 2017 and weighed only five pounds at birth.

Two weeks later, Bell frantically called 911 to report her daughter missing. She and McNabb said they had fed the infant at 5 a.m. and seen her safe again at 9 a.m. after waking to a text.

VERIFY: Are parents on trial for murdering 2-week-old first cousins?

They say they fell back asleep and, when they woke again at 10:30 a.m. to her 2-year-old sister Clarissa yelling, "Sissy gone, sissy gone!" Caliyah had disappeared. Her body was found the next day in a wooded area not far from their home. She was only 15 days old.

Prosecutors have painted the pair as negligent parents who did drugs, were often violent with each other and cannot maintain a consistent story or timeline. The defense has argued police targeted them simply because it was the easiest route to take, and that the state doesn't have the hard evidence to clear the reasonable doubt burden.

A Covington jury, ultimately, will have to decide what happened Oct. 7, 2017 to 15-day-old Caliyah McNabb.


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Her 2-week-old body was found in the woods near her home. Her parents are charged with murder. 

Verify: Are parents on trial for murdering two-week-old first cousins?


DAY 1:

'They're gonna think I did this': Neighbor recounts alleged comments by murdered child's father

Father, cousin testify in murder trial of parents accused of killing 15-day-old daughter

DAY 2:

'Some things were overlooked': Attorneys spar over evidence on Day 2 in trial of 2-week-old's murder 

Aunt says she thought Chris McNabb did it 'from the get-go' in emotional day 2 of baby murder trial

DAY 3:

Woman with dad when he learned baby was found in bag testifies he didn't ask if she was alive

'She was my baby': Father spoke in past tense of missing 2-week-old before she was found dead

DAY 4:

'I was scared of his answer': Mother says she didn't want to ask father if he killed their 2-week-old daughter

Chris McNabb searched for exoneration in police interview two months after infant daughter's death

DAY 5:

'Who else would have done this?' Jailhouse call shows Cortney Bell's doubts about Chris McNabb's innocence

Man Chris McNabb said he was told killed his daughter, testifies

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